SRB2 Doom Builder

SRB2 Doom Builder

Current Build: 27 (07 October 2007). Please see below for download instructions.

SRB2 Doom Builder is a modification of Pascal vd Heiden's excellent Doom Builder, designed to cater for the adaptations made to the Doom engine by Sonic Robo Blast 2, as well as offering some more general enhancements. Its features include:

Current Build: 27 (07 October 07)

We're now in something approximating a beta stage. Nasty bugs should be fewer, but do still remember to keep backups. I'll avoid implementing new features, and instead focus on eradicating as many bugs as possible.

It is no longer necessary to have ordinary DB installed. You'll still need the VB6 runtime components, but chances are you have those anyway.

Source code is available on the Public SRB2MODS SVN server.